New licensing agency brings Nordic rights to a global arena

A new Nordic agency for literary rights and brand licensing, Rights & Brands, has been founded by Moomin Characters Oy and Bulls Press AB together with Roleff Kråkström and Gustav Melin.

With a literary base, a clear design and illustration orientation and a business model based on a global network with Nordic roots, Rights & Brands will be the first choice for clients reaching for a worldwide audience.

”We have a joint network of over 600 clients worldwide and an established working relationship with a dozen agents in key markets; Japan, Korea and China, to mention but a few”, says Anna Lawrence, Foreign Rights Director at Rights & Brands. ”The constellation of people and the competence within and around Rights & Brands is unique. It feels fantastic to be part of this project from the start.”

It all comes down to the respect for the artist and the author

”Rights & Brands will be the first 360 agency for literary based Nordic rights. We will bring publishing rights to an international arena while building the potential for licensing, merchandising and full-scale digital presence worldwide” says Roleff Kråkström, CEO of Moomin Characters. ”Based on our experiences and successes with Moomin, which today reaches a retail value of 6 million euros, we know that our formula is scalable and applicable to other brands.”

Sophia Jansson, Creative Director at Moomin Characters, says; ”It all comes down to the respect for the artist and the author. Every country approaches a story in a different way. We don’t need to change anything, just give the works the right opportunity.”

We will bring Nordic rights to a global arena

”Readiness, flexibility and the ability to think outside the box has always been our strengths. In this joint venture, we will be even more powerful. We will assist in every step, from legal procedures to brand building. 

The fact that several Nordic creators have already been in touch, tells us that Rights & Brands have a much-needed function to fill”, says Gustav Melin, Licensing Director at Bulls Press/Bulls Licensing. ”The trend has been to bring Anglo-Saxon rights  to the Nordics, now we will bring Nordic rights to a global arena. Bologna Children’s Book Fair is the first step on the way”. 

From the outset, Rights & Brands will work with a selection of clients, among others the worldwide publishing rights for Tove Jansson and Moomin. 

”We have founded Rights & Brands because Nordic creators deserve international exposure. There is a large audience, both in traditional and digital channels, looking for Nordic design and values”, tells Margareta Steinsvik, VP, Bulls Press. ”We want to give more people the chance to get to know the fantastic stories and brands that we have in the Nordics. Our established platform makes this possible.”

About Rights & Brands

Rights & Brands is a rights and brand licensing agency focusing on bringing Nordic rights and IP:s to a global market. Rights & Brands represent the literary rights for Hallahem, Magical Fingers, Moomin and Tove Jansson as well as the licensing rights for the Tove Jansson Estate worldwide. Rights & Brands, with the registered name R & B Licensing AB is owned by Moomin Characters Oy, Bulls Presstjänst AB, Roleff Kråkström and Gustav Melin. The company was founded on 1 March 2016 and is based in Stockholm, Sweden.