The Moomins are the central characters in a series of novels, picture books and comic strips by Swedish-speaking, Finnish illustrator, artist and writer Tove Jansson. The stories about the Moomins have been translated into more than 50 languages.  
The brand has enjoyed phenomenal success worldwide and was recently voted top 20 character brand in Europe, top 15 licensed international brand in China and is considered one of top three brands in Japan. The estimated retail value of the Moomins is now over 600 million euro.

Hallahem: The City Beneath the Mountain, part one of three in the urban fantasy series. 

Hallahem: The City Beneath the Mountain, part one of three in the urban fantasy series. 


Hallahem is an all new urban fantasy trilogy by Swedish authors Susanne Trydal and Daniel Åhlin.

The story offers a new take on the myth of changelings, trolls, fairies and what is really hiding in Swedish forests and mountains.

Hallahem part 1, The City beneath the Mountain, was published in 2015, part 2, Betrayal at the Lake released in Swedish in March 2016. Part 3, The Battle in the Forest, is planned for Spring 2017.

Funny’s Adventures by Staffan Götestam

Magic Fingers and The Other Land are the first two books in the series Funny's Adventures by Staffan Götestam. Götestam is a playwright and co-founder of Junibacken – the house of fantasy play – in Stockholm, Sweden, along with Astrid Lindgren. He is also very well known for his performance as Jonathan Lionheart in the film based on Astrid Lindgren’s book The Brothers Lionheart. This is his debut as a children's author.

See Staffan tell his story about the making of the books here.

Worldwide publishing rights.



Vesta-Linnéa is a series of picture books written by Tove Appelgren and illustrated by Salla Savolainen. The books about the headstrong girl Vesta-Linnéa and her family depicts everyday life with all it's challenges and joy. The stories, never avoiding the darker moments of arguments, sibling jealousy or sadness, are told with a wonderful mix of humor and honesty, expressively illustrated throughout. 

The series contains five books, with more titles in development.

Worldwide rights, publishing and merchandising. 

Vesta-Linnéa and the Monster Mum is the first book in the series. 

Vesta-Linnéa and the Monster Mum is the first book in the series. 

Ragnar Aalbu

Ragnar Aalbu is an award-winning Norwegian author and illustrator. His minimalist, stylized picture books work just as well for children as for adults.

The books Frankie Musk and Dean Marten tell the story about two friends who yearn and dream and talk and think a lot. Humor, imagination and a bit of philosophy combined with excellent artwork, makes a wonderful picture book series.  

Aalbu has also created a number of fun fact picture book titles.

Aalbu was nominated to the Nordic Council Children and Young People’s Literature Prize 2016.

Worldwide publishing rights.


- After the Gulf Stream there is Iceland, Frankie says. - They eat ice cream every day there, Dean says". (Frankie and Dean on the Road)

- After the Gulf Stream there is Iceland, Frankie says. - They eat ice cream every day there, Dean says". (Frankie and Dean on the Road)


Nordlys, Norwegian for Northern Lights, is a series of stand-alone books based on Nordic mythology and fairytales, where the magic still lives in modern day. 

Currently two books in the series, A Winter's Tale and The Girl at The Wayside, by Jon Ewo, one of Norway's most well-renowned writers. Ewo has written over 100 books, mainly for children and young adults. 

Both titles are richly illustrated throughout, by Jens Kristensen. 

Worldwide publishing rights.

A Winter's Tale, from the Nordlys series.

A Winter's Tale, from the Nordlys series.

The Last King/Birkebeinerne

It's the Middle Ages,year 1204. Norway is ravaged by civil war, and the prince Haakon Haakonsson is born in secrecy. A boy half the kingdom is out to kill, and whom two men have to protect with their own lives.

The Last King is based on the true story of an escape that changed the history of Norway forever. 

Written by Jon Ewo, one of Norway’s most productive authors, the book is based on the film. Richly illustrated by Kristoffer Caspar Damskau.

Worldwide publishing rights. 

The film ”The Last King” has been sold to 90 countries and was first aired in Norway in February 2016.

The cast of the movie includes internationally renowned actors like Kristofer Hivju (Game of Thrones), Torbjørn Harr (Vikings) and Søren Pilmark (The Killing).  

The Last King official trailer

The Last King/Birkebeinerne by Jon Ewo.

The Last King/Birkebeinerne by Jon Ewo.

Pernilla Stalfeldt 

Award-winning author and illustrator Pernilla Stalfelt has a big fan-base in several countries, her witty and creative books captivating children and critics alike. Having handled topics from hair to poo, children’s rights to death and love, Pernilla Stalfelt has won the hearts of her readers through her richly illustrated and uncompromising books.

The books about Brumma and Bambi are two beautifully illustrated, straightforward, loving and playful stories about life from a cat’s perspective. 

Worldwide publishing rights.

How it feels 

Can children fall madly in love? Is hate different for children and adults? Is one feeling better than another? What are emotions?

Katerina Janouch writes with empathy and humour about how emotions may affect a person both in body and mind. How do we handle happiness, sadness, anger and disappointment? She also brings up important questions about adults needing to acknowledge and support children in their emotional processes. Richly illustrated, the reader is guided by four children and lots of elephants through the different emotions and chapters. Suitable from six years and up.  

Animals that no-one has seen except us

Animals that no-one has seen except us, tells the different stories of unheard and unexpected animals like ”An Other”, “The Boom-Boom” and “The Gneiss”. These animals could be you or me, or as illustrator Linda Bondestam has put it “the inner animals of a visitor to a museum”.

Enjoyable for children and adults alike.

Animals No-one Has Seen Except us was awarded Snöbollen for the best Swedish picture book of the year 2016 and was nominated for the prestigious Swedish literary award Augustpriset.