Carina Bergfeldt

Carina Bergfeldt (b. 1980) is an award-winning author, journalist, and one of the most popular TV hosts in Sweden.

Bergfeldt rose to prominence as a reporter at Aftonbladet, Sweden’s biggest daily newspaper, and then went on to become the US correspondent for Sweden’s public service television, SVT. She has been awarded several prestigious journalistic awards, such as the Great Journalist Award, Stylist of the Year, and Kristallen television Award for Best Host.

Today, Bergfeldt is a familiar face for most Swedes, most known for her celebrated talk show, Carina Bergfeldts, which is broadcasted on SVT on Friday evenings. She has also published both fiction and non-fiction books, with translation rights sold to 15 countries.

This autumn, Bergfeldt will release a thrilling new suspense novel, The Birthday, that is co-written with Sofie Sarenbrant. Highly anticipated, the novel will be the first part in a new book series written by the talented duo.


Photo: © Magnus Ragnvid


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Awards & Nominations


  • Adlibris Prize


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