Petra Rautiainen

Petra Rautiainen was born in 1988 in a small town in Eastern Finland. She has a Master’s degree in History and Cultural Studies, and is currently working on her doctoral theses on representations of the Sámi people in the Finnish media. She has travelled around the world, studied in the UK and worked in Canada, New Zealand and Scotland. In Finland, she has also worked as a journalist and studied creative writing.

Since childhood, Petra has been inspired by the barren nature of the Arctic areas. Hiking is her passion – she has hiked a lot in Lapland, but also in Iceland, Scotland and on the Faroe Islands. So far, she has preferred to take her hikes alone, but in the future, she’ll be accompanied by her new poodle puppy Ruska (the name translates to ‘autumn foliage’).

Petra is interested in equality issues, in minorities and their culture as well as in historic representations of difference that still influence our norms and ideas today.

“For me, writing is a way to try to understand the world, as well as a way to construct a world. Writing creates communication simultaneously on many different levels: a small detail can be just that to one reader, but to others it can create a possibility for a new deep connection and understanding.

– Petra Rautiainen




Photo: © Jonne Räsänen 2019 

Awards & Nominations


  • Savonia Prize



  • Lapland Literature Prize


  • Helsingin Sanomat Literature Prize


  • Book of the Year, Suomalainen Kirjakauppa


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