Hannele Mikaela Taivassalo


Hannele Mikaela Taivassalo (b. 1974) is one of the most exciting and fresh literary authors in Finland today. Her unique, feminine voice, the distinct spark in her writing, and the exceptional sensitivity to rhythm in her language make her truly stand out. Taivassalo, who has been awarded several prizes, writes originally in Swedish.

In her novels, Taivassalo explores the themes of continuous movement, of leaving, of restlessness and displacement, but also of the joy of discovering. She writes about desire and sex exceptionally well and excels in describing the erotic charge between her characters.

Taivassalo has published several novels, worked in theatre, written plays and studied at the Theatre Academy, as well as at the University of Helsinki. Among other prizes, she has been awarded The Runeberg prize for her first novel, ANDREJ KRAPI’S FIVE KNIVES (2007), and Finlandspris (from a Swedish culture fund) in 2017 for her “unique authorship”, her “novels with unexpected twists” and for “detailed, lyric and impressionistic prose”.


  • The Runeberg prize: ANDREJ KRAPI’S FIVE KNIVES 2007
  • Finlandspris 2017