Jari Tervo


Jari Tervo, one of the most established and popular names in Finnish literature since the 1990’s, is an incomparable storyteller. Tervo slips deftly from intimately exploring individual psyche to portraying societal, human and historical levels in broad brushstrokes.

He writes about Russia and the Baltic countries much in the same vein as internationally known Finnish writers like Sofi Oksanen and Katja Kettu. Tervo has a unique voice in his prose; he has an earthy sense of humour, and he’s fond of twisting and turning words so that each sentence is a work of art in itself. Yet his narration flows smoothly and irresistibly.

During his long career, Jari Tervo has been one of the most imaginative Finnish authors, with an endless regenerative capacity. His works have sold over one million copies in Finland. He has received numerous awards and has been nominated for the Finlandia Fiction Prize three times. His novels have been translated into English, French and Estonian.


  • Kalevi Jäntti Prize 1993
  • Vuoden johtolanka 2000
  • Kirjapöllö 2000
  • Lause-Finlandia 2012