Joel Haahtela


Joel Haahtela (b. 1972) is an author and psychiatrist. He was inspired to specialise in psychiatry after reading Oliver Sacks’ book The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat. People’s stories are important to him in both of his professions, and the self is a key theme in his writing.
Haahtela aspires to understand the human condition and the meaning of people’s own decisions in their lives. His parallel careers complement each other very well and Haahtela believes he will never stop writing.

When he was still a student, Joel Haahtela published a collection of short stories entitled Unicum Zwack together with some friends. Those short stories gave him the impetus to write a novel during his studies. His debut novel, Twice Disappeared, was published in the spring of 1999.


  • Finlandia Prize: Elena 2003
  • Finlandia Prize: Vanishing Point 2010

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