Kai Erik


Kai Erik (real name Kaj Korkea-aho, b. 1983) is one of the most talented and distinguished authors of his generation writing in Swedish in Finland. He is also a comedian and regularly performs on radio, TV and stage, as well as a popular columnist and a playwright for both theatre and radio.

Kai Erik’s enigmatic novels defy clear categorisation. His works are an original combination of the thriller and horror genres yet at the same time gripping fiction with a strong and distinctive voice and allusions to literary heritage. The world of Kai Erik’s novels always rings true: the characters are engaging, the environments recognisable. However, underneath the familiar surface is a vague, creeping feeling that something is horribly and permanently ‘off’.

In his novels, Kai Erik deals with the theme of coming-of-age and the roles that friends and friendship play during those crucial years. His novels highlight the strength of stories, books and literature. In 2014 Kai Erik was selected as one of the 20 best young Finnish novelists presented in the Granta Finland anthology.

“I want the reader to feel that my novel is a mystery box; and while reading, I want them to be obsessed with the urge to find out what’s inside that box.”


  • Längmanska kulturfonden's Finlandspris 2018
  • Thank You for the Book Medal 2016
  • Prize of the Society of Swedish Literature in Finland 2013
  • The Future Star Prize from The Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland 2012
  • Prize of the Society of Swedish Literature in Finland 2010
  • First Prize in Arvid Mörne short story competition 2007


  • Finlandia Junior Prize nomination 2017

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