Kati Hiekkapelto


Kati Hiekkapelto (b. 1970) is the fresh, internationally successful, prize-winning star of the Nordic crime fiction scene. Her Anna Fekete series, characterized by strong and atmospheric writing, takes place in the icy latitudes of the Arctic Circle.

At the heart of the series is the compelling main character, young police detective Anna Fekete. Anna – ethnically Hungarian but born in Serbia – immigrated to Finland as a child during the Yugoslavian war. Although fully integrated into her new homeland, Anna considers herself a stranger, perhaps most of all to herself. The crimes Anna encounters are often tangled with immigrants and immigration, intertwining inseparably with her personal experiences. The social issues strongly present in Hiekkapelto’s writing resonate in her readers’ hearts.

Kati Hiekkapelto is a qualified special needs teacher. She has taught immigrants and lived in the Hungarian region of Serbia. She also sings in a punk duo called Bearded Woman.


  • The Best Finnish Crime Novel 2015


  • The Glass Key Award 2016
  • The Petrona Award 2016
  • The Petrona Award 2015
  • The Petrona Award 2017
  • The Best Translated Crime Novel in Sweden 2018

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