Mauri Kunnas


At present Mauri Kunnas is Finland’s most successful author of illustrated children’s books. To date, over 40 titles have been published, in 32 languages in 32 countries for a total of almost 10 million copies.

His books for children have aroused enormous interest around the world. The best-known internationally is Santa Claus. It has already been translated into 26 languages and it has sold more than a million copies.

The sales of all Kunnas translations already exceed 2,5 million copies. Mauri Kunnas offers the reader an unparalleled joy of discovery: His brilliantly coloured illustrations are filled with rich and humorous detail. He has an unrivalled gift for taking history and casting it in a new and hilarious way, as well as for giving old stories and legends his own delightful twist. His books always exude an atmosphere which is contagiously warm and happy.


  • State Literary Award 1981

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