Petri Tamminen


Petri Tamminen (b. 1966) is the Finnish master of laconic humour. According to the author himself, ”Finnish humour is like a truffle: it takes a pig to find it.” Tamminen’s works are concise, and the secret of his accurate expression is simple: “I trust in the readers’ understanding, but not their patience.”

The key themes in his writing include existential issues of the male and the never-ending feeling of inadequacy when fulfilling the role of a modern man. Other favourite topics are shyness and shame, which he describes with wry humour through his personal experiences without ever sparing himself.

Tamminen’s debut was published in 1994. His works include novels, short stories, short prose and radio plays and have been translated into around 10 languages.

He has been awarded a number of literary prizes and nominated for the Finlandia Prize.


  • Finlandia Prize 2006

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