Puluboi & Poni

This smart story of the friendship between a girl and a pigeon will spark smiles in both children and adults Mai is a 7-year-old-girl who wishes she could be a pony. Things aren’t always easy at home, and so it’s a lucky thing that she meets the pigeon Puluboi, a real boy’s boy. Puluboi has flown from his nest, leaving behind his mother and his father and his sisters Chubbilee and Tubbilee. When he’s out acquainting himself with the Wide World, Puluboi meets Mai the Pony. You see, Mai has run away from home, because her mum doesn’t understand Mai’s love for ponies. Nevertheless, Mai the Pony is ready to go home now, and Puluboi helps her. A friendship is born, and together Puluboi and Pony decide to write a book about their lives. They recount events in their own voices and with their own pictures, although there’s also room for rapping, stories, and above all advertisements, as Puluboi dreams of a career in advertising. Puluboi would market his book thus: The Book of Pony and Puluboi is Veera Salmi’s debut work and terrifically contemporary in terms of both narrative and language.