Riikka Pulkkinen


Riikka Pulkkinen
(b. 1980) is among the foremost names of the new generation of Finnish literary authors. Her debut novel, The Limit, was met with rave reviews and immediate sales success in Finland. She came to the attention of international literary circles with her second novel, True. Nowadays Pulkkinen is one of the best known contemporary Finnish writers internationally: her works have been translated into around twenty languages.

Pulkkinen’s novels are compelling stories told in gracefully flowing prose; family sagas exploring the closely guarded secrets of the past and their impact on people. She excels at describing how different generations deal with the very largest questions of life: love, sex, faith, and death. The sensual elegance and poetic poignancy of her language and images turn her narration into an enchanting reading experience. Light on the surface, deep on the inside, her prose takes the reader effortlessly towards the deepest philosophical issues. The prize-winning author Riikka Pulkkinen is loved both by the critics and by her avid and large readership of various age groups.

“My thought happens in the writing, in the movement of my hand, in free flow.”

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