It’s was a sunny summer’s day. Mum came into the kitchen, looking worried, holding a letter in her hand. Josef, my twin brother, and I realized quickly that this was the letter we have been waiting for for a long time – the results from our X-rays. This sunny day was about to turn pitch black…It was the news we had feared the most; we had both torn our ACLs and needed to have complicatedknee surgery and a year and a half of rehabilitation. I couldn’t believe it. I sank to the floor, crying. I could hear my brother in tears too. We were both in total shock. What would happen next? Would we recover? Would we have to give up football – our biggest passion? Neither of us knew then that this would be the moment that would take us to where we are now. Travelling around the world, meeting millions of fans and superstars like Zlatan and Zidane. At that moment, we had no idea that four years later we would be tricking the world’s best football players, teach them our skills and live our dream life. Our football dream life. This is our story. The Skilltwins story.