Terhi Törmälehto


Terhi Törmälehto (b. 1977) is the debut author of the striking, confident, and perceptive first novel Mountains Be Shaken. The critically acclaimed work stirred instant interest and praise upon publication. The novel is an account of a young girl’s impassioned search and her yearning to belong. Elsa finds fulfilment in Charismatic Christianity and is given the spiritual gift of speaking in tongues. But years later, she is torn between her religion and more worldly desires. Törmälehto’s lyrical, crystalline language and atmospheric depictions of two very different milieus – the vast emptiness of northern Finland, and the dangerous, hustling metropolis of Bogotá – underscore Elsa’s intense inner search. Terhi Törmälehto researched the religious phenomenon of speaking in tongues for her master’s degree. This research, along with her autobiographical experiences, inspired her to write fiction. Törmälehto was born in Northern Finland. She speaks fluent Spanish and considers Colombia her second home. She currently lives in Helsinki with her Colombian husband and two children

“When I’m writing, I experience feelings of exaltation similar to those I used to feel in my faith. I rise above everyday life, approach timelessness. I’m doing something that’s been done for thousands of years. I’m part of a continuum.”