Ville Ropponen & Ville-Juhani Sutinen


Experienced travellers and nonfiction authors Ville Ropponen & Ville-Juhani Sutinen decided to join forces and embark on a journey of a thousand kilometers, ranging from Karelia to Siberia and the Far East Kolyma for their newest publication.

Ville Ropponen (b. 1977) is an author, journalist, and translator. He has written nonfiction, essays, poetry, and prose, generally focusing on cultural minorities, ecological themes, modernization, and the effects of globalization. His works often deal with the former territories and legacy of the Soviet Union. As a journalist, Ropponen has travelled through Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, the Caucasus, the United States, Iraq, and Bangladesh. He has translated works from Russian, including Viktoria Lomasko’s graphic novel The Second Russia (2019).

Ville-Juhani Sutinen (b. 1980) has written novels, poetry, and nonfiction. He addresses a wide range of themes in his works, including the recent history of the United States and Russia, human migration in the past and present, homelessness, and the importance of places and landscapes in remembering the past and creating meanings for the present. Many of Sutinen’s works are based on his travels around the world; cities he has lived in include Berlin, St. Petersburg, and Berkeley. In addition, Sutinen has translated classics by renowned authors such as Virginia Woolf and Mark Twain. He also works as a photographer.




  • Finlandia Non-Fiction Prize 2019