Mauri Kunnas for Makia


Mauri Kunnas




Mauri Kunnas is the most successful cartoonist and author of children’s books to come out of Finland. His books have accompanied multiple generations of Finns on their way to adulthood and have been translated to 35 languages and published in 36 countries around the world. 

Finnish company Makia brings Mauri’s colourful and detailed drawings into new light and adapts them into a collection of modern-day streetwear. The collection features items like a hand signed denim jacket limited to hundred pieces, and a new “shipyard dog” character especially drawn for Makia.

Description of collaboration

Makia created a wide collection of apparel with several of Kunnas’ characters from stories like Mr. Clutterbuck (Herra Hakkarainen), Doghill, Treasure Island (Aarresaari), One Spooky Night and Other Scary Stories (Hui kauhistus!) and Pirates Ahoy.

In a collaborative meeting with Mauri Kunnas himself, Kunnas decided to illustrate a special shipyard dog character for Makia’s collection. The brand-new character became an essential part of the collection and denim jacket called The Helmsman Jacket has an embroidering of the shipyard dog character on the back. The jacket was limited to 100 pieces and were all hand-signed on the inside pocket by Mauri Kunnas himself.




The first Mauri Kunnas for Makia collection was launched in November 2021 and the next one in spring 2022.


The success of the collection led to Makia working on new collaborations with Kunnas’ characters and launching a second collection within a year after the first launch.


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