A two-book deal for Petra Rautiainen in Norway!

02 Oct 2020

Petra Rautiainen’s debut novel THE LAND OF SNOW AND ASHES and her upcoming novel THE MEMORY OF OCEAN will be released in Norway as Gyldendal Norsk has acquired the Norwegian rights for both books in an auction.

Beautiful words by the publisher:

“Petra Rautiainen’s novels raise important questions about our past, about how past actions form the future for ourselves, for the earth and for those who will inherit it after us.

In LAND OF SNOW AND ASHES, Petra Rautiainen has written a novel that has it all: suspense, love, jealousy, sex, and war! It reads like a thriller and at the same time, it is thought-provoking.

As a drama taking place in the North Sea, with a mother and a daughter standing on different sides of the climate debate, THE MEMORY OF OCEAN discusses Man, as part of nature, set up against Man’s violence against nature, and, as a parallel – Man’s violence against minorities. The story, with its themes and message, seems relevant and ambitious, and we have high hopes for it.”

 – Anne Louise Morseth-Nordbryhn, Gyldendal Norsk, Norway

There has been a lot of buzz around this debut novel that was published in mid-August. It was ranked as no. 5 on the bestselling list for August 2020 – an astonishing achievement for a debut. Also LAND OF SNOW AND ASHES made headlines as the first Finnish debut novel where English translation rights have been sold before publication, highlighted by both The Bookseller and Publishing Perspectives

Other acquired rights include: 

  • Pushkin Press (UK & Australia)
  • Suhrkamp (Germany) 
  • Marsilio Editori (Italy, two-book deal), 
  • Meridiaan Uitgeverij (The Netherlands, two-book deal)