Carl & Karin Larsson x Design House Stockholm – new design collaboration!

05 Feb 2020

Rights & Brands, the worldwide agent on behalf of iconic Swedish artists Carl and Karin Larsson, has launched a creative furniture collaboration with Design House Stockholm.

Karin Larsson created furniture and textiles in a pre-modernist style in the late nineteenth century. Her rich, bold color palette is celebrated in paintings by her husband Carl Larsson. Both are fixtures of the Swedish art and design world.

“Nordic designers have been at the forefront of the international design scene for decades. But haven’t we been a bit restricted in terms of color? Design House Stockholm has decided to reach across the centuries and dress up nine objects selected from our contemporary collection of accessory furniture pieces with four of the bold colors of Karin Larsson, a legend of Swedish art and design” says Anders Färdig, Founder and CEO of Design House Stockholm.

The collection “Colour Accent inspired by Karin & Carl Larsson” is launching today at Stockholm Furniture Fair. The pre-launch took place on Monday 3rd of February at the distinguished National Museum in Stockholm, with over 150 renowned design guests, influencers, journalists and buyers.

“Together with the creative team at Design House Stockholm we are putting a modern take on heritage licensing. It’s been delightful seeing how Karin’s creative, modernist thinking of yesterday marries so well with the objects of today’s top furniture designers”, says Anna Lawrence, Rights Director at Rights & Brands.

“This collaboration really sets the tone for the year”, says Patrick Ullman, CEO at Rights & Brands. “We are looking forward to adding more creative collaborations to our heritage and art-based brands and showcasing Rights & Brands innovative and progressive take on licensing.”

Design House Stockholm’s contemporary collection includes accessory furniture with straightforward and functional simplicity that pays tribute to the creativity of the Larsson family. The oak is treated with a Japanese glaze four times to ensure a rich and smooth finish. The selection of designers, who have all chosen their own favorite color, includes: Lina Nordqvist (Family Chair), Gunilla Allard (Exit Trolley), Karl Malmvall (Step Ladder), Chuck Mack (Arco Sidetable), Mathieu Gustafsson (Air Cabinet), Atelier 2+ (Greenhouse).



Images and video: © Design House Stockholm