Delipap’s Muumi Baby diapers are now carbon-neutral!

26 Apr 2021

Delipap’s Muumi Baby diapers are now carbon-neutral! The carbon-neutral diapers are now available in Finland and will also be available in other countries during next year.

The company behind Muumi Baby diapers, Delipap, was founded in the 1970s with the aim to produce diapers that are friendly for children’s skin. The founder of the company, Raimo Nuortie, came up with a new kind of diaper, made of crushed paper, and opened Delipap’s first diaper factory.


The collaboration with Moomin started 30 years ago, when Nuortie, a passionate art collector, recognized a lot of similarities in the values of the Moomin stories and Delipap and its products. Equality, tolerance, and respect for nature have been important values for Delipap since the beginning, and continue to guide the family company in their daily work. 


The reliable and safe diapers are developed with babies’ sensitive skin and needs in mind. The super-soft and comfortable diapers are manufactured from safe raw materials and don’t include unnecessary chemicals. For the joy of both parents and children, both the packaging as well as the diapers are illustrated with cheerful Moomin pictures. The diapers are available in ten different sizes and models, perfect for newborns, babies, and toddlers.


“For me, it’s important to continue the family tradition and sustain our strong values. We at Delipap find it extremely important to respect the Finnish nature and always choose the most sustainable options ”, Nuortie’s granddaughter Emilia Nordström, who works in Delipap’s R&D department, comments.




Carbon-neutrality reached after years of development 


Throughout the years, Delipap has aimed to develop responsible diapers that are both friendly for the skin as well as responsible towards the environment. A big milestone has now been reached as the diapers are fully carbon-neutral. 

Carbon neutrality has been reached through a multitude of actions taken throughout the years. The diapers are made of FSC-certified Finnish cellulose in Finland’s only diaper factory. The factory runs on electricity produced with certified renewable water power with no CO2 emissions at all. All manufacturing waste is either recycled or burnt for energy. A fun detail is that the packaging is fully biodegradable, which means it can be reused for example as a biowaste bag! The small remaining amount of carbon emissions is compensated by favoring Gold Standard-certified projects under the UN Climate Neutral Now program.

Even though reaching carbon neutrality is already a big step in the world of diaper production, product development continues. The next step is taking solar energy into use in the factory. 


The carbon-neutral diapers are already available in Finland and will be available in other countries during next year. Keep an eye on the Muumi Baby website for more information!


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