Eton Pays Tribute to The Beatles with a limited-edition shirt collection

13 Nov 2023

The Beatles x Eton is a limited-edition collection by luxury shirt brand Eton that pays homage to The Beatles’ expansive discography.

Eton is a company founded in 1928 in Sweden by Annie Pettersson and offers formal and casual shirts, as well as t-shirts, polo shirts and overshirts. Today, Eton has grown into a global brand with a strong footprint in about 50 countries, flagships in Denmark, the U.K., Germany, Sweden and the U.S., and a dedicated e-commerce site. 

Eton describes this new collaboration as “a shirt collection for Beatlemaniacs, by Beatlemaniacs”. The collection serves as an ode to The Beatles’ expansive discography and draws profound inspiration from their vast musical repertoire with each piece showcasing unique artistic reinterpretations of the iconic elements from the band’s history. Each shirt is a tribute to different The Beatles in different ways and some shirts are inspired by pieces worn by the band members themselves.

Man standing wearing Eton shirt
“Paul’s shirt” is a modern iteration of Paul McCartney’s famous striped shirt from the Get Back documentary, where Eton has transformed the silhouette with fine Italian silk.

Man wearing striped Eton shirt
“John’s shirt” is a tribute to the special expression of John Lennon. The shirt is made from a light and silky 100% organic cotton poplin fabric and features horizontal purple stripes. The garment is an almost exact replica of the type of shirt John Lennon once wore – every detail has been recreated after careful research by Eton’s design team.

“When I watched the documentary ‘Get Back’ there was something special about the shirt that John wore. I wanted to recreate it not only the style and in 1:1 scale, but also try to figure out how the fabric was constructed when he actually bought it. So, we did some research, and what you have here is probably exactly what he would have worn.” Eton’s Creative Director, Sebastian Dollinger, says.

Man standing behind another man wearing Eton shirt
“Inspired by Abbey Road, my absolute favorite album, I wanted to turn the crosswalk into shirt stripes, with The Beatles walking across” Eton’s Creative Director, Sebastian Dollinger says about the “Abbey Road shirt”.

Man wearing Eton shirt with The Beatles' revolver cover
The Revolver album cover has made for an all-over print on this shirt.

Man wearing Eton shirt with The Beatles' Help
A blue striped shirt with the “Help!” logo embroidered on the chest.

Man wearing red silk shirt from Eton
“Ringo’s shirt” is a tribute to the creative style of legendary drummer Ringo Starr. The shirt is made from a 100% silk twill fabric with a nice sheen and an elegant fit and has a lovely red shade and small white dots. On the back, Ringo’s famous “Peace and Love” is printed. The text is not only a tribute to Ringo but also a reminder of the ever-current message of the phrase.

Man wearing pink shirt
The shirt “George”
is a tribute to George Harrison, inspired by photos taken of the legendary musician at his home Kinfauns, Surrey.

The “Magical Mystical Tour shirt” is an overshirt in blue denim with embroidered motifs inspired by the Beatles legendary album.

Pre-launch access using The Beatles records

The collection was pre-launched last week with the campaign “Ticket to buy”. Using barcodes from select The Beatles records, fans could access the collection early by entering the barcode on the Eton online store. The campaign was launched on several platforms such as Spotify, Pinterest, Instagram and TikTok.

The colllection has already received press in outlets such as Hypebeast, WWD, Sportskeeda and Robb Report.

The Beatles x Eton is now available at Eton’s stores, webshop and select retailers such as Harry Rosen stores in Canada and Nordiska Kompaniet, NK, in Sweden.

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