Förlaget’s ABC book takes Moomin fans on a language journey

25 Feb 2021

Förlaget’s new ABC book, Mumindalens Alfabet, is a language journey for Swedish-speaking Moomin fans of all ages.


Mumindalens Alfabet (Moominvalleys Alphabet) is an introduction to the alphabet, as it is a tour in the magical Moominvalley. In this colorful ABC book, we get to meet Tove Jansson’s beloved Moomintroll, but also discover unknown toffles and other exciting characters from the original Moomin stories.


The masterful children’s author and poet Annika Sandelin has written a poem for every letter. The poems, written as rhymes, takes us on a language journey where the reader gets to twist, turn and experience how the letters in our alphabets can be used.


Mumindalens Alfabet is a modern classic that is suitable for reading aloud together. In this beautiful book there’s new things for Moomin enthusiasts in all ages! The illustrations are from Tove Jansson’s original stories of Moomintroll and his family.


The book is released in Finland by Förlaget and will be published in Sweden by Bonnier Carlsen in May.



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