German rights for Beyond Our Reach by Juha Itkonen acquired by Bastei Lübbe

16 Feb 2019

We are delighted to share the news that the German rights for BEYOND OUR REACH by Juha Itkonen have been acquired by Bastei Lübbe.

The acclaimed author and now father of four, Juha Itkonen has written an autobiographical book about an extraordinary year in his family. During that period, Juha and his wife first had to decide on the life of their unborn baby. Little did they know that only nine months later, they would be welcoming very premature twins to the world.

BEYOND OUR REACH is a deeply touching and relentless account, told by a modern father who despite all his commitment cannot sometimes be but an outsider. In the author’s words, “this is not a book on grief, it’s a book on life, all colours of it.”

BEYOND OUR REACH was the talk of the town and an immediate sales success when it came out last August:

“Some lovely sentimentality, some neonatal facts, and a sincere attempt to comprehend and describe a period of less than a year of incredible events in life and death. Of course I love this book.” – Hufvudstadtsbladet newspaper

“On this ride, a man crumbles many a time. The author excels at putting into words something that borders on the impossible: the question of life and death, applied to one’s own children, goes beyond reason … The real protagonists of this story are the small ones.” – Helsingin Sanomat newspaper

Genre: Memoir / Autobiographical novel
Pages: 294
Published originally: in Finnish by Otava Publishing Company in August 2018
Material: extracts in English, podcast in English

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