Haupt Lakrits Moomin licorice wins a Swedish Design Award

22 Jan 2021

Last night was the award ceremony for the Swedish Design Award, Svenska Designpriset, and Haupt Lakrits limited-edition Moomin gift box won the gold price in the food category.


It was in 2019 Haupt Lakrits launched their first edition of Moomin inspired flavors. The search for the distinctive flavors of the world of Moomins led to a collection of four different flavors inspired by Moomintroll, Little My, Moominmamma and Moominpappa. In the end result Haupt combines the intensive flavour of premium salty liquorice with the soft sweetness of chocolate and other flavours that describe the characters. 


The Moomin licorice was launched with a limited-edition gift box made by Martin Ohlsson Design Studio, complete with all of the first four flavors and packaged in a gorgeous box with Moomin illustrations.


The design of the box and packaging grabbed the jury of Svenska Designprisets attention, and their motivation for the nomination reads:

“Because the new black is a rarely tasteful packaging of iconic images. This is like candy for all senses, including the childlike mind!”



Since September voting has been possible on Designprisets website, and yesterday at the award ceremony Haupt Lakrits x Moomin received the gold price for best packaging design in the food category.


Haupt Lakrits – For the love of exquisite taste and quality

The Swedish company Haupt Lakrits was founded in 2014 by Christian Haupt and his wife, Camilla, that have been liquorice enthusiasts for years. Before founding the company they tested over 50 different recipes to find the perfect perfect way to produce the best liquorice in the world – a goal that was clear to them from the very beginning.

After meticulous consideration they found that one the main secrets lies in simply having only liquorice in their liquorice, which is a rather expensive ingredient and often mixed with other ingredients to cut costs. Also, the liquorice is boiled for 10 hours and then matured for up to eight weeks to develop a deeper, richer and more complex flavour.


“About 30 years ago many discovered dark, high quality chocolate after only been eating milk chocolate. We are sure the same thing is going to happen to liquorice and we believe that many people will pay more attention to the origins of the ingredients, manufacturing methods and what additives that are used.”, Christian says.



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