The return of Moomin ice cream in Finland

09 Apr 2020

After a break of almost 20 years, Moomin ice cream makes a comeback as Ingman brings them to the stores in Finland again.

The new Moomin range consists of the Muumi-Eskimo and Ingman 1L ice creams with less sugar, the Muumi by Ingman Creamy premium ice creams as well as the coming summer’s favourites: Jättis Mörkö (the Groke) and Jättis Pikky Myy (Little My).

Our favourite ice creams this summer

Among the coming summer’s most popular waffle cone ice creams in Finland are definitely Jättis Pikku Myy and Jättis Mörkö. Jättis Pikku Myy kuningatar combines berries and chocolate and contains lactose-free raspberry ice cream, blueberry-raspberry sauce and cocoa glaze. For lovers of salty liquorice and liquorice, Jättis Mörkö is a tasty combination of cocoa ice cream, liquorice sauce and a salty liquorice glaze.

The new Muumi by Ingman Creamy premium ice creams are the finishing touch to any dinner party. The Punainen pyrstötähti ice cream contains lactose-free ice cream with the taste of cheesecake, berry sauce and strawberries. Rivieran Aurinko contains white chocolate ice cream, passion fruit sauce and white chocolate chips – bringing your mind to warm days on the beach.

Moomin ice cream for kids – with less sugar

Ingman’s Moomin ice cream for children contains 30 % less sugar. The products meet Ingman’s nutritional criteria and goals for children’s ice cream.

Ingman offers their 1L Moomin ice cream in three different flavours: strawberry, pear and kuningatar (queen). All varieties contain 30 % less sugar. Each 1L package comes with a small story. Muumimamman hillopurnukka 1L has an excerpt from Finn Family Moomintroll, where a strange guest pays a visit to the Moomin’s garden party. At first sight, the Moomins are frightened by the magician and Moominmamma rushes to offer him something to eat. Later, the Moomins establish that someone who eats pancakes with jam cannot be particularly dangerous. Muumiperheen huviretki 1L contains lactose-free vanilla ice cream and ”queen sauce”. Seikkailijan makumatka 1L, with Snufkin on the package, contains pear ice cream and pear sauce. Muumimamman hillopurnukka 1L contains strawberry ice cream and strawberry jam.

Muumi Vaniljaeskimo and Muumi Mansikkaeskimo are also available with 30 % less sugar. The ice creams contain lactose-free vanilla or strawberry ice cream and cocoa glaze.