Rights & Brands Podcast episode 4: Petra Rautiainen reveals one the darkest time periods in human history in debut novel Land of Snow and Ashes

12 Aug 2020

In this episode four newcomer Petra Rautiainen talks about her debut novel LAND OF SNOW AND ASHES (in Finnish Tuhkaan piirretty maa) that will be released today, August 12th.

“I stand behind my book and I think there are many topics that I want people to talk about”, declares Petra.  

Petra talks about her debut novel Land of Snow and Ashes where the beauty of the Arctic nature in Lapland contrasts with the brutal actions conducted both at a secret Nazi prison camp during WWII and against the indigenous Sami people post-war. The web of competing nationalistic and ethnic motivations is depicted for the first time in Finnish literature as this powerful novel reveals one the darkest time periods in human history and the ugly secrets of the whitewashed Nordic history. Petra shares to us why she decided to write this story, what inspired her and tells more about the main characters and their backgrounds. She also reveals the topic of her second novel that she is currently writing.

Land of Snow and Ashes has aroused international interest prior release as Dutch, Italian, German and English rights (for UK and Commonwealth) have already been sold. Also, Dutch and Italian rights have been sold to her second book that she is currently writing. We have the privilege to represent both of these titles and cannot wait to see where these stories will travel next.   

Tune in here!

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