Petra Rautiainen wins the Savonia Prize

10 Dec 2020

Author Petra Rautiainen has received the Savonia Prize for her debut novel LAND OF SNOW AND ASHES. The annual award is presented to an outstanding novel from the Finnish Savo region. 

The multilayered debut novel set in the barren beautiful Lapland landscape brings to light untold difficult themes of Finland’s wartime history and the assimilation of the Sámi. The Savonia prize jury praised the novel as a strong and eye-opening story about events that take place in northern Finland during WWII and post-war. Rautiainen exceeds in balancing fact and fiction and offers readers a book with a plot twist that leaves them reeling. 

Quote by the jury:

“A great debut novel that meritoriously brings to light untold and difficult themes of Finland’s history such as the German prison camps, Finns’ Nazi sympathies, the colonialism towards the Sámi. The beautiful poetic description of Lapland’s nature and the evolving love story in the background bring balance to the cruelty of war.” 

In her thank you speech Petra Rautiainen emphasized that art forms have an important social function and can reflect on societal issues. Especially a literary award such as the Savonia Prize has a significant role and brings to light the untold issues of LAND OF SNOW AND ASHES to a broad audience. 

Our warmest congrats to Petra Rautiainen!