Publishing Weekly Wrap-Up May 24th – 28th

28 May 2021

Summertime is just around the corner and we have been excited about all the new superb titles on our lists for this sunny season. It’s time for our Publishing Weekly Wrap-Up that shares the latest activities, news, deals and much more from the past week. Here are the latest highlights.

This week we’re kicking off our highlights with a new title for the upcoming summer season, the perfect book that will get you in the spirit of summer camp. TATU AND PATU AT SUMMER CAMP by Aino Havukainen and Sami Toivonen will roll out in June in Finland, published by Otava Publishing Company.


Photo: Katja Tähjä

When the Oddville duo heads off to a week of summer camp for the first time mishaps and bizarre incidents ensue and the usual hilarious antics follow. Summer camp with Tatu and Patu is something totally different, the main character of the book Timppa realizes as he spends a week with them and pens his experience in his summer camp diary. 

Rights are available for the title so reach out to us if you want to see and read more about it. You can also find all of our other new titles here


This week’s newly translated editions include a bunch of Russian editions from OOO ”Izdatelstvo ”RECH”.

Five books by Mauri Kunnas:

The Best Sports Books (Suuri urheilukirja) 

The Haunted Clock of the Jolly Grumbler Inn (Majatalon väki ja kaappikellon kummitukset) 

Grandpa Vampire’s Storybook (Vampyyrivaarin tarinoita) 

The Out-of-this-World Space Book (Kaikkien aikojen avaruuskirja) 

Pawchester Tales: Lucky’s Best Best Ever Christmas Present (Tassulan tarinoita: Onnin paras joululahja) 

And another five books by Aino Havukainen and Sami Toivonen, the creators of Tatu and Patu book series:

Tatu and Patu: The Story of Our Life (Tatu ja Patu, elämä ja teot) 

Tatu and Patu’s Adventures in Outer Space (Tatun ja Patun avaruusseikkailu) 

Tatu and Patu’s Astonishing Story Book (Tatun ja Patun ällistyttävä satukirja)

Tatu and Patu take it outside (Tatu ja Patu pihalla)

Tatu and Patu’s Odd Inventions Through the Ages (Tatun ja Patun kummat keksinnöt kautta aikojen) by Aino Havukainen and Sami Toivonen


And to round the week off here are the latest foreign rights deals:

Romanian rights to “Suomalainen tonttukirja” (“The Book of Finnish Elves) and “Viikingit tulevat” (The Vikings Are Coming!”) by Mauri Kunnas have gone to Pandora Publishing via Corto Literary Agency.