Rights & Brands Podcast episode 2: Frisky debut novel Monogamish

03 Jul 2020

In this episode journalist and debut author Riikka Suominen talks about her novel MONOGAMISH with agent Leenastiina Kakko.

“Very few people put into question that our love life is just a construction”, Riikka Suominen points out.

Published conveniently on Valentine’s Day the bold novel about open relationships by this fresh Scandinavian voice explores relationship norms and questions the common perception of a good intimate relationship, endorses sexual desire and the importance of sex. During the bubbly conversation Riikka shares her thoughts on love, sex and relationships, talks more about the novel and its main characters, and why she ended up writing this story.

Since release MONOGAMISH has sold over 10.000 copies, succeeded in drawing attention and creating discussion about sex and relationship norms and featured in various media channels. Author Riikka Suominen has been a guest in numerous radio talk shows and podcasts, and the book has been noted in newspapers, women’s magazines and blogs. Earlier this week Riikka launched her own Finnish radio show “Vallattomia suhteita (in English “Frisky eelationships”) on YLE Puhe.

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