Rights and Brands Spring 2021 Catalogue - out now!

28 Apr 2021

One sign of spring is our newest catalogue – here is the Rights & Brands Spring 2021 Catalogue for Adult fiction.

This season we have an exquisite range of new titles on our list from a hilariously revealing contemporary series about a single’s life and a linguistical spot-on masterpiece in the Finnish weird genre to a skilfully plotted fast-paced political thriller set in the near future.

Juicy covered The Single Woman Chronicles book series by bestselling author Henriikka R is a racy, contemporary, and hilarious Fifty Shades of Gray meets Bridget Jones for the Tinder generation. MY IMAGINARY BOYFRIEND (Mielikuvituspoikaystävä ja muita sinkkuelämän perusasioita) reveals everything you ever wanted to know about single life – and a lot of things you would have preferred not to know. THE BIKINI BORDERLINE CASE (Bikinirajatapaus ja muita sinkkuelämän iloja) dives into the core of the trickiest questions for single women. An uncensored, authentic and uproariously funny ride through the highs and lows of a single life. The third book of the outrageously funny series, HONEYMOON IN SOLO (Määmatka ja muita sinkkuelämän ihmeitä) continues to explore the wonders of life as a single woman. A travelogue recounting the gallant trip to the inner life of a single woman, without filters.

Henriikka R’s series has been a massive hit in Finland where her books have sold over 170.000 copies, popular both in hardback and audio. She is also a popular blogger and influencer with a wide fan base on social media including Instagram where she sprinkles joy to her 22k+ followers.


Marianna Kurtto is back with a linguistical spot-on masterpiece and a new addition to the Finnish weird genre. COCCINELLA is a psychological game about an unexpected natural catastrophe, bitter memories and jealousy between sisters which has been complemented in reviews for its ‘masterly alluring language’ and ‘a story with a narrative that transforms it into something unique’. Helsingin Sanomat newspaper again declares that Kurtto takes her place at the top of Finnish contemporary literature.


Other new titles by strong female voices include HATCHING by Johanna Laitila, a chilling and stirring literary novel about the thirst for power, irresistible addiction, and complexity of gender in an era where there are no words for the experience. The intense events of the story wrap around historic turning points with a twist. The novel was shortlisted for the 2020 Toisinkoinen Literary Prize and nominated for the prestigious Runeberg Prize in 2021. Parnasso Literary Magazine praises Johanna Laitila as ‘one of the brightest stars among the most recent newcomers and one of the original voices in contemporary Finnish literature.’


Hannele Mikaela Taivassalo is one of the most exciting and fresh literary authors in Finland today. Her short literary novel THIS SHOULD END WITH MY DEATH has been described as ‘a masterpiece in few works’ and ‘a impressive and touching speech by another women’  by the press. A brutally clear and heartbreaking novel depicting an author who is cutting herself from forbidden love by writing.


One of this spring’s heart racing newcomers is THEIR TURN TO BURN, a fast-paced political thriller debut by Thomas Oscar who has worked as a journalist for Helsingin Sanomat, the largest daily newspaper in Finland and spent four years in Washington DC as the newspaper’s U.S. Correspondent during the presidency of Barack Obama. This West Wing meets Jo Nesbo, skilfully plotted fast-paced thriller has a 24-hour time frame. Set in the near future it demonstrates how easily inequality and the division of a population can escalate. Press reviews praise the debut as ‘a brutally imaginative exploration to the dark side of Finland’s power politics’ and ‘ superb’ that ‘fills the expectations for an international thriller.’


Have a browse through the catalogue to find out more about the newest titles and many other literary gems. To download the catalogue please click here.