The new Marius book is for everyone who loves to knit

14 Sep 2020

Almost 70 years after Unn Søiland designed the Marius pattern it is still continuing on as a national icon in Norway. In this new book ’Marius; nye og klassiske strikkeplagg til store og små’, readers will find the best knitting patterns and brand new inspiration.


The book, that in English translates to Marius; new and classic knit clothes for young and old, is a collection of the best knitting patterns for infants, children and adults. The knitting patterns are updated and modernized and comes with a complete size guide for all of the garments.

Not only are the classic Marius knitting patterns are included, Dagny Thurmann Moe and KOI Fargestudio has also designed new and unique color combinations for the pattern.

The book is created in collaboration with Sandnes Garn and is the perfect source of inspiration for everyone who loves to knit.