Watch the livestream from the launch of Reading, Writing and the Moomins

19 Feb 2021

The new Moomin initiative “Reading, Writing and the Moomins”, aiming to spark a love of reading and writing was launched on February 18th with a livestrem. If you missed the live launch you can now watch the saved video below.



 The schedule:

  • Greetings from Courage, Freedom, Love! The Moomins 75 exhibition at the National Museum of Finland

  • How the Reading, Writing and the Moomins initiative came about and the process of designing the alphabets – Interview with Sophia Jansson, artistic director at Moomin Characters, and James Zambra, designer at Kobra

  • Reading and Writing in the Moominvalley series

  • Reveal of the #MoominABC shop window in the book store Suomalainen kirjakauppa

  • A look at the Swedish and Finnish #MoominABC books – Interview with Annika Sandelin, author of Mumindalens alfabet, Förlaget M, and Paula Nivukoski, author of Onnelliset aakkoset, Otava

  • Children sharing their feelings about the letters of the Novel alphabet

  • Upcoming #MoominABC products

  • Greetings from Linda Liukas, children´s book author

  • Promoting reading and writing in the UK and around the world – Interview with Edward Gillespie, Private Sector Partnerships at Oxfam, and Natania Jansz, Publisher at Sort of Books

  • Upcoming #MoominABC books in the UK – Interview with Nicole Pearson, Publishing Director at Macmillan

  • Tove Jansson and freedom of speech – Interview with Jennifer Clement, President of PEN International

  • Dress your avatar in ABC clothing! – Frever app introduction

  • Reading and writing initiatives in Finland – Interview with Tuuli Lahti, Corporate Relations and Fundraising Specialist at Finnish Red Cross, Nina Vähäpassi, Corporate Alliances Manager at Finnish Committee for UNICEF and Olli Alanen, Executive Director at The Children and Youth Foundation/Read Hour

  • Children giving their thoughts on reading

  • Presentation of the upcoming Reading, writing and the Moomins exhibition

  • #MoominABC related products presentation from publishing house Otava – Interview with Kaisu-Maria Toiskallio, Publishing director, children and young readers, Otava

  • Announcement of the winners of the giveaway 


Visit the Moomin ABC site here