14 Knots to Greenwich


A distinguished, Finnish modern classic novel about a journey around the globe that changes the life of four people irrevocably

After years of silence, Petri receives an email from Graham, an old university friend, inviting him to participate in an unusual challenge: to travel around the world along the Prime Meridian, in honour of the 350th birthday of astronomer Edmond Halley, using the same modes of transportation that Halley himself would have used in his day.

Graham’s wife Isla comes along on their haphazard journey, and later they’re joined by Petri’s younger brother, Kari.

As sight of their destination grows ever dimmer, unexpected aspects of their personalities begin to surface. Meanwhile, the chemistry between Kari and Isla grows ever stronger.



Original title

14 solmua Greenwichiin

English extract

See Above

Year of publication


Original publisher

Published originally in Finnish by Otava Publishing Company

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  • Finlandia 2008
  • Runeberg 2008


“A brilliant novel about intimacy, distance and zero points of life.”
Kouvolan Sanomat
“An exceptionally fine novel.”