Adèle’s Question


An enigmatic novella about a man who visits a monastery to study the mystery of St. Adèle, and to come into terms with his own past.

A man travels to a monastery in the Pyrenees to research the story of St. Adèle, a woman who fell from a cliff and was later declared a saint. At the same time, this is also a journey to his own past.

An ancient mystery prevails and Adèle poses a question from nine hundred years ago: can miracles happen?



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Adèlen kysymys

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The novella’s transparent narrative serves its characters who wander in a ’‘mythical fog’‘. Misinterpreted information and delusional beliefs are the oldest themes in literature.
Helsingin Sanomat
Joel Haahtela is Finland's own W.G. Sebald, they have a similar tone in their writing. Haahtela deserves to be greatly appreciated.
Tua Forsström, author and member of The Swedish Academy
Haahtela's works have a unique, nearly devout atmosphere. He has the ability to set questions that seem simple but expand to large issues to touch everyone.