American High Street (Ameriikan raitilla)


On the tracks of migrants in North America.
A travelogue that resonates on many levels in today’s world.
Antti Tuuri took an interest in his ancestors’ American era, and set out to investigate immigration in the 1980’s. He traveled to North America to interview migrants, from Florida to Yellowknife and from New York to Los Angeles.
American High Street tells about the changes that he witnessed during the past quarter of a century, his colourful experiences and the interesting fates which befall migrants. And, of a new grandmother that he discovered in Sudbury.
Antti Tuuri has published numerous travel books, the most recent ones being Travels in Europe (2011) and Bosphorus Express (2013). Now he moves away from the old continent to North-America, a journey he reports on in his collection of books about migrants, which he wrote while traveling all around the USA and Canada in the footsteps of his ancestors and second cousins.