At Last, Beatrix Spelling!


Nothing is off limits for the urban witch Beatrix Spelling. Now she’s running for President! Beatrix Spelling just won’t give up. She’s already made it into parliament and become a minister, and now she wants to be President. And when she sets her mind to it, Beatrix will get to her goal by any means necessary, even magic. Rose and Lars are in big trouble as Beatrix manages to weave even their mothers into her Strong Woman network. When the sky of Circus Valley is filled with witches arriving by hot air balloon, Rose and Lars know this is the real deal. What follows is a fierce battle the likes of which has never been seen before. At Last, Beatrix Spelling! is the final installment in the trilogy about an unscrupulous urban witch and the Urban Witch Resistance, Rose and Lars.



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Viimeistä viedään, Taika Taksinen

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