Black (Musta)



A young TV-journalist on the trail of a serial killer; a new departure in Finnish thriller writing

Pii Marin works as a TV-journalist in the regional programming unit of the Finnish Broadcasting Company. In her recent past is a brief spell in the spotlight as Finland’s first black television newsreader.

The brutal slaying of a female cleric, eight months pregnant, sends shockwaves through the normally sleepy regional office and is the lead item on the nationwide news. Although the story is soon whisked out of local hands as Helsinki news teams take over coverage of the murder investigation, Pii has personal reasons to continue her search for the truth. And she has no idea of the dangers she is getting into.



Pii Marin



“Black is in the highest class of thrillers. In a couple of hours I knew that I had just read an exceptionally thrilling detective story.”
Keskisuomalainen / 12.3.2006
“Hopefully, Nuotio will let this bright journalist investigate crimes in many new books.”