Someone wants Jussi Vares dead, but who … and why?
“On these long days, I just wait for night to come. The relief brought by sleep. But the darkness was always accompanied by the same thing: fear.” For Jussi Vares, summer is overshadowed by an oppressive darkness. He has the marks of a strangler’s garrotte around his neck and a nasty dent in the back of his skull. What the hell happened? Vares doesn’t remember a thing, and any person he encounters could be the enemy. To recover from his experience, Vares flees to a dark island just as autumn approaches. Then a mysterious woman appears on the opposite shore – and on one velvety August night, Vares is taken for a black-winged ride. When an old acquaintance is discovered beheaded in Turku, Vares’ days on the island are over. The stakes are higher, and now, for the second time this summer, Jussi Vares is in danger of losing his life.



Jussi Vares