Blue and the Edge of the World


Blue’s world consists of his house and garden, its paths, gates and the stone wall that separates the garden from the Big Forest. Blue feels safe there but recently she has been drawn to the mysterious forest. She picks up her courage to find out what is on the other side of the fence. How close by can a new world with adventures be?

The story encourages children to step outside the safe boundaries of home, gives courage to act in new situations and helps to face home sickness.

”When you go out of the door, you feel very small but when you come back home you feel bigger.”



Original title

Molli ja maan ääri

Year of publication


Original publisher

Lasten Keskus

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"Travel fever, the scary world outside and homesickness are portrayed as graspable feelings to a child. The bliss of returning home and reminiscing the journey are highlighted in the story, which certainly is true for many small readers. The artwork is delicate, expressive and beautiful, and the story has gentle humor in it."