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Marriage? Check. Mortgage? Check. Family car? Check.

But plans change six days after his son is born. Holding the snuffling bundle of his newborn son, Jonas watches as the receding taillights of a taxi carry away his wife – and with them, his expectations of a normal, nuclear family life. Enter the great unknown of night feeds, sleep-deprivation and mountains of diapers.
A hilarious and poignant story of a single dad and a baby, and their survival through the first two years as a family of two men.
The movie adaptation of the novel was awarded the prize for Best Nordic Feature at the Nordic International Film Festival in New York in October 2017.

The series Dad Around The Clock has sold over 120 000 copies in Finland!

“Goodbye to sex, nights out and work jollies. Hello burp cloths, baby formula and Teletubbies. But where the hell is a bloke like me supposed to access those primeval maternal genes?”

“I was tired, lonely, bored. I wanted to go back to work and talk to people who didn’t drool or need to be burped. I wanted to sit at a bar, drink beer, sleep in at weekends, lie around in bed during the day and watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I wanted sex on Sunday mornings, wanted to sit on my own in the sauna. I wanted to be alone. I wanted to be with my son.”



Dad Around The Clock


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“Sparklingly funny… makes you laugh whether you have children or don’t.”
“Seriously hilarious”
Turun Sanomat
“An exhilarating and touching story”
Anna magazine
"The author has an eye for everyday details and things people tend to take for granted… Underneath the light surface, there are darker sides to the story, but the author knows how to present them in a suitably casual way."
Forssan lehti
“The reader is pulled in and hooked immediately, the quality of the writing is excellent… I keep going wild and getting enchanted by the author’s ability to describe heavy subjects in a piquant and animated way.” 
Hämeen Sanomat
“An entertaining novel that balances between humorous and haunting."
Maaseudun Tulevaisuus
“A delightful read, despite the difficult and sometimes even sad issues… The narration is fluent and brilliant, the author’s touch vigorous, and you read the book in one sitting.”