Delfina’s Trunk (Delfinan matka-arkku)



A bouncy and colourful new series that introduces readers to foreign cultures

The run-down wooden villa that has stood silent and empty for years in the centre of a small seaside town is suddenly buzzing with life. One summer day, an odd couple arrives from South America – an elderly gent with magnificent whiskers and an old-fashioned taste in clothes, accompanied by his 12-year-old granddaughter Delfina Lorena Soledad Maribel.

The newcomers set up the Pension Onnela, the running of which Ernesto leaves in the capable hands of his determined granddaughter. As her assistant, Delfina enrols the neighbour’s boy Waskeri, who is making notes for his first novel.

Before very long, the first paying guests arrive with their own astonishing tales to tell – and Waskeri’s notebooks get more and more interesting by the day.



Pension Onnela