Good Night, World


Every night children go to sleep, or do they? ”Good night!” is heard all around the globe. Under the water, in the jungle, in burrows, in Antarctica, in the cities, and on other planets. For the special bedtime moments, this is Linda Bondestam’s first book written and illustrated by the artist. It is a simple and beautiful bedtime story that stands out with its visual storytelling, in Linda’s distinctive choice of colour, varied landscape and surprising species.



Original title

God natt på jorden

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"Good Night, World demonstrates that Bondestam has the ability to create her very own literary universe in both words and illustration, and where the illustration speaks for itself."
Svenska YLE
"Good Night, World has a “Bondestam touch” in its every detail. Respect for both the genre and young readers permeates this enchanting, stylish and coherent piece of art."