In Hiding (Piiloutujan maa)


“We seek out the hiding places of childhood when we look for a good apartment, a good café, a pleasant space to be. We look for that wardrobe into which we squeezed ourselves when we had been injured or offended. The memory of that childhood hiding-place stays with us for ever.”

Everyone wants to find a hiding place at times, some in flight from the evil of the world, some fending off the awful goodness of the neighbours, some fleeing the family, others themselves. There are good hiding places everywhere.The hideaway looks at house, tree, and landscape differently, through a hideaway’s eyes. After reading Tamminen’s new book, you will share the viewpoint.

In Hiding made readers re-examine their immediate surroundings with fresh eyes, and brought great reviews from the critics. The book won the Kalevi Jäntti Prize.




  • Kalevi Jäntti 2002