In Transit


When she was younger, Galadriel, G, lay on the floor in the yellow house and dreamt of New Orleans, The North Pole and of wonderful places close to the equator. She left as soon as she could, set her life in London for a while, then in Los Angeles, then Bombay.
But now she has returned to her childhood village: she is back in the yellow house, and has brought The Stranger with her. Is she capable of sharing her life?
Vera, another returnee, is also back in the same yellow house, behind a thin wall from G, sharing the lush garden. She had left this village decades ago, to lead her own life in the capital. Now longing is her only companion.
In the same village, upstairs of a house that he built with his owns hands, lies Sem. He is quiet in his bed, but no one knows how far away he really is, and how much further he actually has been.
All three of them – Galadriel, Vera and Sem – have loved passionately, desired the forbidden, transformed irrevocably.




”In Transit is a major postmodern novel”
Österbottens Tidning
”The language is so beautiful that even ejaculation on the inner thigh sounds like the most tasteful and the most fulfilling cupcake”
Svenska Yle
”IN TRANSIT is filled with beautiful expressions and erotic charge. But it is also a story about departures and difficult choices. What it is like to be the other woman, what it is like not to tolerate oneself, and how to set limits for oneself.”