Contemporary Scandinavian Sex in the City throws the conventions of monogamous relationship out of the bedroom window.

Klaara, in her late 30’s, loves her husband Ilmari but all desire has faded long ago. Parenting a four-year-old can be tiring, but that’s not the reason behind their sexless marriage.
Klaara’s suggestion to have an open relationship is met with enthusiasm from Ilmari’s side. She starts Tinder-dating, hooking up with different men both in her home town Helsinki and in other European cities. Suddenly, she thinks about sex constantly, and has a lot of sex.
In Klaara’s trusted group of friends – women in their late 30’s with different relationship status –  Klaara’s choice is met with either horror, curiosity or support.
As time moves on, Klaara finds out that dating others and being married is not that simple. But it can, in its all complications, be satisfying. And the way to bring the spark between the spouses, too.

Monogamish is a bold and hilarious, both light and sour novel that endorses sexual desire and the importance of sex.

“This is what sex should be like. There’s no hidden agenda or obligation here. No fine print. Our sex serves no practical purpose. We rub skin against skin and stick ourselves into each another’s orifices, as if we want to be nested inside each other.
This is recreational use of the body. So impractical it feels anarchic. I try to remember the last time I had the opportunity to be unproductive and immoderate.”



Original title

Suhteellisen vapaata

Year of publication


Original publisher

Otava Publishing Company

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"Suominen evokes interesting reflections and offers a chick-lit like read, but with a whole new angle. A great start! And a very contemporary message, demanding that people make their own decisions and challenge current practices instead of taking what is given as a norm."
Kulttuuri kukoistaa blog
"An engaging novel with flowing language, great characters and contemporary descriptions, and an interesting, albeit loose plot. The novel has hot sex scenes and humor, sometimes even simultaneously (!)"