Mountains Be Shaken


Elsa loves words but her mind aspires to be drawn somewhere higher.
During her high school years, Elsa attends a revivalist meeting and finds a new home among people who speak in strange, beautiful tongues. Elsa’s family fears for her but Elsa craves a sense of belonging and personal, powerful experiences. The rapture of speaking in tongues, when it is finally granted her, offers the highest emotional rush imaginable, the ultimate carnal experience. Eight years later, Elsa is living in Bogotá, Colombia. At the local church, she meets Manuel, a wounded soul who has spent years in the jungle, held captive by FARC guerillas. Elsa starts to question fundamental aspects of her life: What is belief, and what is love? What is this unignorable desire she feels when Manuel draws on her skin? Nothing she has believed in feels simple any more.