Nelson Tigerpaw


’They are still asleep, the residents of Deludenstad. But as in all cities, there are those who are awake when others are sleeping. Who are not quiet, even when others are. In every city, there are those you greet, and those you do not. This is the story about those you do not greet.’’

Nelson Mareng stands alone on the train station in Deludenstad, a city where most are in too much of a hurry to help a stranger. But not everyone. Suddenly, Nelson is involved in a world full of dangerous secrets, fake news and grand adventures.

Embark on a trip beyond Deludenstad’s tidy facades in Frölander-Ulf’s tender and humoristic book about friendship and daring to stand up for what feels right. Inspired by The Murderer’s Ape by Jakob Wegelius and with a nod to Mio min Mio by Astrid Lindgren, this mysterious adventure will thrill readers of 9 years and up.



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Nelson Tigertass

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A warm and imaginative story about fear, friendship and prejudice. And about how the striving for order can go too far.
Västra Nyland newspaper
The novel is a praise to friendship and small-scale civic activism. It has the basic elements of a classic children’s book, but with a touch of modern spirit.
“Nelson Tigerpaw is story about a lost child, sent home by his grandfather, even though Nelson is clueless how find his way back home to mother. During the journey he encounters both trustworthy and dangerous beings. Lena Frölander-Ulf’s text and illustrations present social criticism and belief in the importance of building up courage and learning to think for yourself. By doing so, Nelson transforms into Nelson Tigerpaw.”
Runeberg Junior Jury
"Wise and impressive children's book with echoes of classic adventure novel and traditional fairytales. The undertones of modern society are presented in a moving yet hopeful way: the rootlessness and wrong-doing are won by friendship and bravery, when life is not restricted by prejudice. A warm and life-like novel, where the plot is supported by illustrations."
Finlandia Jury
“Nelson Tigerpaw (Nelson Tigertass) convinces in its story about prejudice, friendship and courage, as well as the absurdities of the adult world.”
Arvid Lydecken jury
"Nobody is born a hero, they become one. Lena Frölander-Ulf’s children’s novel Nelson Tigerpaw displays how an ordinary and unobtrusive little boy turns into the hero of the town of Deludenstad within a week by the choices he makes... As recommended, the book really is suitable for the entire family. Adults may read the story as a fine policital allegory and a charming but relevant social criticism… For youngest readers Nelson Tigerpaw is first but foremost an exciting adventure as Zamba, the former circus tiger leads Nelson through a town full of dangers… The events help children reflect on or at least acknowledge their own values. One delight is a picture of the front page of the Deludenstad newspaper in the beginning of each chapter as it provides insight into media criticism."