Noble, My Friend


Star Hill Pony Camp is the best thing ever as far as Iiris is concerned, and Noble is the best pony in the world. Her best friend Riina goes to the camp too, and so does Pauli, who both girls have a crush on. Teenager Milla, an experienced rider, becomes the new assistant instructor. Iiris sees Milla kick Patu, a horse, once. Iiris is also there when Milla snaps at Noble and forces him to the steeple with a whip. Can you do that? Iiris starts avoiding Milla, but the horrible secret won’t leave her alone. How could Milla treat horses so heartlessly! Could she tell someone? Noble is the one who finally comes to her rescue.



Star Hill Stables


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Ystäväni Uljas. Tikkumäen talli

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