Open House (Avoimien ovien päivä)


A rollicking and tragi-comic analysis of the mother-daughter relationship – required reading for every new mother.

After her husband has just packed his things and left, Asta, in her thirties, returns to spend Christmas at her parents’ place. She is the oldest child in the family, the most eagerly awaited, the one who should have been their pride and joy. Now she just slumps, hostile, on the sofa.
Her mother is intent on piling on the food, always wearily wiping her hands, never showing any concern for herself, eager to be moved by Christmas carols. And Asta can reveal nothing about her present life to her.

Mother gets a chair and sits down next to me. She can no longer hold herself back.
– Do you really intend to get a divorce?
What can I say to that? We divorced years ago.
– We’ll see, I say.
– Well, what brought it on then?
Mother’s eyes devour me. I take a deep breath.
– I don’t know if I’m up to talking about it.
She’s struggling with disappointment but trying to hide it.
– Tell me when you’re ready to, she says.
But what if I never am? I guess I’ll have to get that way – my wedding cost twenty thousand!