Payback (Maksu)


Retribution takes centre-stage in the third of Eppu Nuotio’s thrillers featuring TV-journalist Pii Marin: someone wants payback for dirty deeds.

A nine-month old baby is snatched from its pram while sleeping in the yard of a city apartment block. The first snow of winter falls to cover the kidnapper’s escape route which has been planned to the last detail.

Pii Marin gets a visitor in the shape of her brother Joel, who wants time and distance to get over a recent case of assault. Pii has no objections to the arrangement as these days she is spending an increasing amount of her nights at Inspector Juha Heino’s place.

To Pii’s annoyance, however, her boyfriend seems intent on sharing the most interesting matters with his female junior, Reija Haukka. Haukka has been given charge of her first criminal case and, in Pii’s eyes at least, she appears to be leaning too often on Heino’s experience in tracking the kidnapper.



Pii Marin